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BRIEF : revamp durex.com global SOLUTION : Our goal is turn durex.com to the ultimate bible for all sex related topic. We want to create a platform where people are comfortable in browsing through the content their need, and to exchange tips and ideas with others to achieve a better sex life. To do that, we first transform their existing content into something engaging and shareable, put a face on the experts who are providing all the education and tips on Durex.com, partner with different publication and field expert so our content stays fresh and current. Then we'll organize the content into an easily naviga'table manner, and add some content filter and wizard to help you find what you need. Lastly, we will turn the cold and clinical look and feel into something more fun with a bit more sex appeal.

Durex Love Sex HQ Trailer/mood film
Sex in black and white is a 6 part series about a young Panda. Who's new in love and sex. His parents can't help him with anything because they too are not very good at the whole mating routine (hence the extinction). So Durex has stepped in to guide this young panda through his first date, first kiss, how to have safe sex (the making baby part comes after the pandas get married), and how to derive the most pleasure out of sex so they can make more panda babies.
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