Our first IBM Race Day in 2006 was inspired by a techy F1 event. We created different pit stops through out the event for attendees to check-in, play a game or complete a challenge. All for a grand prize to win a day at a professional race course.
Our event invitation was a self-mailer that resembles a race course road map. We also included a car freshener within the DM as a reminder to attend the event.
Our 2006 event was hugely successful. Over 50% RSVP'ed through our DM piece, everybody and more turned up and filled the Sheraton ballroom. Clients were very excited and they wanted 2007 to be bigger, so they got a conference hall at the convention center and they were expecting 5 times the turn-out.

So we created the IBM CUP 2007

2006 was more conservative and techy with 8-bit cars and video games. 2007 we wanted to kick it up a notch and really poured the soul of a serious car show into the day. It's bigger, meaner, faster. We had multiple pit-stops through out the event and the grand prize winner go to race a Ducati for a day.
Our invitation DM resembles a hot car. You open the hood to reveal the IBM engine. It's what inside that counts. Come to IBM CUP 2007 to find out more!
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