Orange/Intel : Seduire ou fuir? Facebook game

THE BRIEF To create a campaign to promote the new Orange Intel commercials in France THE IDEA Boy meets girl, boy wants to impress, girl wants to flee. Not the most ideal scenario for either party but it happens. What would you do when you're in the situation? What would you say to impress the girl and what excuse would you give to flee from the boy? Give us your best shot for a chance to win the new Orange avec Intel Inside phone. THE WORK We created a Facebook app within the Orange fan page We re-editted the original commercials, and shot 30 different alternative endings for the boy and the girl version of the commercial. After our user enters their best "pick-up line" or "flee excuse", we'll play one of the quirky alternate endings. They can then submit their line for a chance to win an Orange avec Intel Inside phone.

Original TVC by Publicis France
Our Facebook "seduire ou fuir" game
Seduce the girl of your dream!
Boy meets girl. Girl wants to flee.
What's your excuse to run away?
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